What should I expect for my first massage therapy session?
Your professional massage therapist will require you to fill out a general health history form. Then, your massage therapist will review and clarify your health history information. Your massage therapist will assess and test your condition and determine the appropriate massage modality. Your massage therapist will establish the areas you would like massaged and your session will begin.

What should I wear during my massage therapy session?
Depending on the massage modality, you may or may not need to undress. If you are requesting a full body massage, clients typically fully undress. You may be asked to undress to your comfort level. You may choose to wear your underwear. Your professional massage therapist will give you adequate time to undress and position yourself on the massage table under the sheet and blanket. You will be covered with a sheet and blanket at all times. The areas that will be exposed are the areas being addressed.

What should a professional massage feel like?
Your massage will begin with lighter flowing (effleurage) motions. Your massage therapist may use lotion, gel, or oil. Once your nerves and superficial muscles relax, your massage therapist may gradually increase pressure as your body allows. If you feel discomfort, numbness, or tingling, please let your therapist know. You should feel some type of relief following your massage therapy session.

NO PAIN, NO GAIN is a common misconception during massage therapy sessions. Forcing your muscles to relax can cause the muscles to contract and protect themselves, in turn, causing more pain and discomfort following the session. At Massage on Main, LLC, our professional massage therapist prefer to assist the body to heal itself by performing appropriate and safe touch for our clients.

Where will my massage therapy session take place?
You will be invited into a private, warm, comfortable, and quiet room for your session. Soothing music will be playing for your session.

Is massage therapy always appropriate?
No, massage therapy is not always appropriate. That is the reason the health history form is required. Your massage therapist will review your health history and ask general questions to rule out contraindications for massage therapy. It is important that you inform your massage therapist of any health problems and medications you are taking. If you are under a Physician’s care, we strongly advise that you receive written recommendations for massage prior to any session. Your massage therapist may require a recommendation or approval from your physician. It is your responsibility to inform your massage therapist of any health changes between massage therapy appointments.

What should I feel after my massage?
Most people feel very relaxed following their massage therapy session. Some experience relief from long-term aches and pains that developed from repetitive activity, tension, and emotional issues. It is recommended to increase your hydration following a massage therapy session. If you do not drink enough water, you may experience flu-like symptoms.


IMPORTANT: Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your massage session time.  Late arrivals will be charged full price and your massage time will be adjusted accordingly.  No-Show appointments will be charged full price for the missed session.  We value your time so please value ours.  Tax will be calculated at the time of purchase.